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✔️ $4M - $15M in Sales in Just 12 Months - Having spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaching with one of the world’s top teams, Team Leader and Managing Broker, Joe Cirafici launched the Cirafici Team from scratch, and in 12 months, they more than tripled in gross sales volume with the automated advertising and follow-up systems they use on a daily basis.

✔️ A Brokerage Model Like No Other  - Though each agent is autonomous, the entire office is exactly like a high-performing team with systems, standards, coaching, and accountability. Every agent records specific business activities so that we can keep tabs on whether or not we are on track to hit our goals individually and as a team.

✔️ A Simple Path to Success - On this team, there is no confusion on what to do each day to grow your business. It's as simple as opening up your CRM and following each task laid out for you. No matter your past real estate experience, every one of our team members knows exactly what to do to create the real estate career of their dreams. 

✔️ Crazy Competitive Commission Splits - Commission splits on leads given to you by the office can scale all the way up to you making 80%. It just depends on how many leads you can convert in one year. On your personal sphere, and on any lead that you generate yourself, splits can rise all the way up to 80% in your pocket depending on your previous year’s gross sales volume.

✔️ Effortless Onboarding - Transferring your license to our company will be an absolute breeze! We’ve systematized the entire transfer process and our in-house onboarding success manager works one-on-one to assist you every step of the way. With our team, you don’t have to worry about ordering new signs, transferring lockboxes, designing and ordering business cards, or anything like that. We make it simple.

✔️ Team Contribution - In order to ensure our success, every team member contributes $130/month for all the state-of-the-art tech & tools we use every day. There is also a $200 per year E&O insurance premium. Other than that, there is almost nothing else that you need to run your business except your MLS, local, state and national association dues. What more could you ask for?

✔️ Keep Your Name and Transaction Credit - Many teams out there require you to put everything under your team leader’s name. That leaves you with no name recognition and no record of personal transactions. On our team, you get credit for every one of your transactions, whether it's a team lead or your own client and you get to work on your name recognition while you build your empire.

✔️ Get Paid at Closing - There is no waiting several days or even weeks for your hard-earned commission check. Get paid at the closing table with a check that has your name on it!


The Cirafici Team Model Explained


Our Cirafici Team Training & Virtual Reality Studio


✔️  A High-Conversion CRM, w/ Automated Email and Text Campaigns Built In

✔️  A Personally Branded Premier IDX Lead Conversion Website 

✔️  SISU Account for Tracking Your Business Activity

✔️  Instant Community with a Great Team of Like-Minded Individuals

✔️  Video Library Access to High-Level Training From a #1 Team

✔️  Weekly Monday & Wednesday Live Group Dialog Training

✔️  1-on-1 Coaching, Goal Setting, and Career Planning 

✔️  250 Business Card Starter Pack 

✔️  A Company Email Address

✔️  Unlimited Listing Signs 

✔️  Unlimited Kwikly Lead Capture “Text for Info" Riders

✔️  Open House Signage for Your Listings

✔️  Unlimited Sentrilock Boxes for Your Listings

✔️  Free Yard Sign and Sentrilock Box Install & Removals

✔️  High-Quality Custom Brochures for Your Listings

✔️  100 Postcards Mailed Out to Neighbors Surrounding Your New Listings

✔️  A Free Home Staging Consultation for all of Your Listings

✔️  Free Drone, Pro-Photos, 3D Matterport Tours, & Video Walkthroughs for Your Listings

✔️  A Free Marketing and Lead Capture Page for All of Your Listings

✔️  Transaction Management Software

✔️  Dotloop E-signature Platform

✔️  An In-House Graphic Designer at Your Fingertips

✔️  Custom Listing Presentations available to you

✔️  Document Compliance and Admin Support

✔️  More Value Added as We Continue to Grow and Expand!

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